The Who, The Why, The What & The How

Who we are..

At Hydrogen-Therapy Int. we are passionate about Holistic Health, and we know that true health begins with clean, high-quality Water! Our decades-long Research into the best quality Water, and it’s direct benefits on our daily, and long-term health has resulted in us producing our range of cutting-edge Hydrogen Water Filters™.

Why Invest in a Hydrogen Water Filtration System..

Each year, more than 400 000 barrels of oil are used to produce the Plastic for water bottles, sadly less than 25% of these are ever recycled! Over 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world, polluting our precious Planet a little more with each purchase! Just say NO!

How to Transform YOUR Health

This means not only with the cold water we drink, but also the water we use for hot beverages as well as the water we use to cook our food. Moreover, equally vital is the water we use in our bathrooms beit for brushing our teeth or for washing our faces, bathing and showering. You see, when we are in warm water our pores are open & we absorb these impurities via our tap water which is hazardous to our long-term health!

Change one thing TODAY…

By investing in one of our Water Filters (under-sink, counter-top, whole-house) YOU proactively reduce these statistics & immediately reduce the irreparable damage to our Environment! Whatever the size of your home ~ from house-boats to mansions ~ from counter-top & under-sink Water Filters, to Whole-house Filter systems, we can bespoke a solution to suit your & your family’s requirements! One BIG step up for your family, equals one GIANT step up for humanity!

Transform your Life by improving your Water Quality! Explore our State-of-the-art Range BELOW and

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